Thursday, June 16, 2011

So I Married A Genius...

We took a lovely trip to Indiana a few weeks ago to visit with Jon's family. We drove home on a Sunday, so decided to listen to a CD we received for our wedding (For All Eternity - from Brian and Terah!)

We had time for two of the five CD's and were enjoying what we were learning, though we were a little distressed that the CD was so choppy- stories and concepts were cut off semi-abruptly. We quickly realized that it was surely just a randomly assorted collection of talks and that was why the stories were cutting off at seemingly awkward times.

This fabulous collection of talks taught us a lot about criticizing peo... and listening to each ot... and many more helpful tips for our marr...

About 20 miles from home, my darling, talented, spirited, clever, and inspired Jonathan, turned the CD player off of random.

Not all women can be so lucky. I just wonder if the CD's are as profound when in order.


  1. Bahaha!! Love it court, sounds like something I would do....

  2. Keep listening to the good adv... never can do too much commun...go to bed angry...

  3. Too funny! I can't imagine how random it must have sounded.

  4. Baha hahaha hahaaaaaaaa! Lesson numero uno must be there somewhere. ;) That is too funny.

  5. ha ha that would happen to you!! I love it!!! ha ha ha