Sunday, June 12, 2011


Jon just started a second job. He is working basically from 7 am until 9:30 pm every blooming day. He is a hard worker and I'm so grateful :)

Our receptions went so well! It was great to see so many people we love. I'm mostly glad to never have to wear a wedding dress again though...

I'm in classes this summer, which keeps me super busy (though not as busy as I should be!) Luckily I am able to find the time to lay out and keep a decent tan as well.

Life is good, we are trucking along and still attempting to merge two people's belongings into one little apartment.

Last week I made Peanut Butter cookies to celebrate our 2-month anniversary :) Jon ate at least 30 of them, so a good anniversary gift it was!

That's all for now - more to come when there is more to say...

-C J Howell


  1. Yeah! I'm so glad you're blogging. It's fun to feel in touch still. Sounds like you're having fun. Good luck with your pregnancy!!!

  2. Congrats on the Pregnancy I knew it wouldn't take you long to start catching up and working towards those dozen kids! :) hahaha :)

  3. What do you need a tan for anymore? You already got you a husband....!

  4. Hey what cute pictures! It all turned out so so cute. You did a great job! I am jealous of your tan, man, I will have to work on that. Love you so so much.